Right, so we have been at Level 2 of Lockdown for more than a week now and many people are feeling the joy of returning to some kind of normal.

We have 10 suggestions on how to embrace Level 2

1. Travel locally!

#Localislekker mos? International borders are still closed so why not embrace the chance to explore local destinations for long weekends or mid-week breaks?

2. Take that road trip

Give yourself the gift of time to explore and plan a road trip up the coast or to see the spectacular flowers of the West Coast. Pack the padkos, select your road trip soundtrack and hit the highway!

3. Do day trips to nearby markets or nature reserves.

Near Paternoster we have the lovely foodie market in Hopefield every Saturday morning. Produce is sourced from local supplier and farmers. We also have the Cape Columbine nature reserve right on our doorstep for hikes and relaxation.

4. Stop and smell the flowers

This year with the blessing of exceptional rain the West Coast Flowers are a riot of variety, colour and abundance.


Flower season 2020

5. Make a booking at a new restaurant

Try something new and interesting – even in a different town or suburb from your regular haunts.

6. Visit a friend

Go and pop in for tea or wine and see a friendly face you have missed and who has certainly missed you.

7. Pack a picnic

Head to a beach or park and spend 3 or 4 hours breathing in the fresh air and indulge in some Pareidolia (Using your imagination to see the forms of animals or objects in the cloud formations)

8. Find an excuse to dance

Join a line-dancing class or put on your favourite boogie playlist and just dance like nobody’s watching.

9. Braai with your family

Yep, and with Braai Day (Heritage Day, 24th of Sept) and summer just around the corner, there is no excuse not to make those braai broodjies and hear the sizzle of that wors again.

10. Have fun

…but please follow all the rules of safety, hygiene and social distancing as recommended but do get out there and feel the freedom from Lockdown Cabin Fever.

cloud formation bunny

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