If you’re missing Greece – read Greek Islands – we have you covered.

Those quaint whitewashed houses, trimmed with bright blue shutters and set in a thirsty landscape. Bunches of fresh fish and seafood for sale on the village streets. Little nook shops selling keepsakes and unique crafts. Artists a plenty, working close to the water’s edge. Small cosy restaurants serving delectable seafood and other fine fare, while colourful wooden fishing boats head out to sea to catch more.

There’s an authentic old worlde atmosphere and authenticity too, just like in Greece. But actually you are in Paternoster.

Paternoster like greece

Our quirky village is so much like Greece, albeit unintentional, you’ll be captivated and charmed. It’s evocative and dreamy beautiful, a place you can exhale, chill out and light a fire for a snoek braai.

You can also horseride on the beach, take a beach-buggy tour, try your hand at pottery, paint a picture, visit the local lighthouse or just watch the sun rise and set over the ocean. And if you order a Greek salad for supper, you’ll be as close as you’ll ever get to being in Greece without going there.

Best is, Paternoster is also visa free while being rich in surprisingly similar offerings.

For more options on Things to do in Paternoster check out our Bucket list https://stayinpaternoster.co.za/2020/08/the-ultimate-paternoster-bucket-list/

Benguela Blue View
Benguela Place setting

Photo credit: Benguela Blue Restaurant, Paternoster


paternoster like greece

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Stay in Paternoster Update

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