What is your definition of a beautiful life? For many of us it is all about meaningful connections with people, eating good food and having great experiences – preferably all at the same time!


Last Wednesday for a Stay in Paternoster office team building experience we had the chance to enjoy all of the above with artist and Italian cooking maestro, Uro and his partner, poet & deep thinker Sven, at Nostra de Padre – their new home in Paternoster.

Having lived in Italy for 5 years and learning about traditional Italian cooking from the local Nonna’s Uro inspired us to create a feast while consummate host Sven made us feel at home.




















Just like any good Italian family the chopping, peeling, sautéing and roasting was seasoned with plenty of laughter, eating, banter and occasional knife-wielding!

Using good quality, colourful ingredients, plenty of fresh herbs and veggies from the garden, we created a menu fit for a queen. Tips on which herbs to use when, how to make our own seasoning salt, the patience required for a perfect risotto and how to make a *wow your guests* decadent dark chocolate torte were all shared with an overflow of joy, humour and passion.



















As good friends do, we would like to share the delicious and ridiculously easy Torte Di Ciccolato recipe.



200GR Good Chocolate (we used 2 slabs of 70% Lindt & 1 of toasted hazelnut Lindt)

1 Cup Plain Yoghurt (or we used Milk)

3 Free Range X-Large Eggs

1 Cup Breadcrumbs (if you want to make a Gluten free version use Almond Flour)

4 Oranges (Sliced)

250ml Honey


For Orange Reduction – Put Orange slices in a saucepan

Cover with Honey

Add a few Cloves &/or Star Anise if you wish

Simmer on the stove for approximately 30 mins

For Chocolate Torte – Heat the Yoghurt (or Milk)

Melt the chocolate and add to Yoghurt/Milk

Allow mixture to cool for approx. 15mins

Add Bread Crumbs (or Almond Flour) & Eggs – Fold together well

Place in a 28cm Cake Pan

Bake at 180⁰C for 15 mins

Pour Orange Reduction over Torte and serve with Crème Fraiche

Buon Appetito!


The fantastic news is that you can come and experience La Bella Vita right here in Paternoster. Learn to make a delicious Risotto like a pro! To enquire and book please contact Uro via email at

Current winter scheduled dates are; 16 June, 1 July, 12 July, 9 August & 26th August but private group bookings are also welcome. Cost R500 per person (2 – 6 people) or R425 per person (7 – 10 or more) price includes antipasto & aperitivo on arrival, cooking & enjoying a 5-course meal and take home recipes & gift.

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