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While researching and learning about the wildflower extravaganza I have discovered some extraordinary facts about the unique flower kingdom we are lucky enough to have in our (almost literally) back garden!

  • South Africa has more species of plants in one square kilometre than in the whole of England!
  • The Cape Floral Kingdom is one of the oldest plant kingdoms in the world with some species dating back 60 million years.
  • 70% of the 9600 plant species found within it are not found anywhere else in the world (Endemic)
  • Apparently there is more money made on the world market selling flowers from SA origin than the annual gold production value.
  • Europe’s total floral species number 10 000 where as a small country like South Africa hosts 23 000 species.
  • The Cape Floral Kingdom has been singled out from 25 world ecological hotspot areas as being of “irreplaceable value.”

So seeing the Wild Flowers is truly one for the bucket list of all nature lovers.

Name:                     Clanwilliam Wild Flower Show

Date & Time:          26 Aug – 3 Sept 2016
9am – 6pm (Daily)
Venue:                     Clanwilliam Church
Admission:              Adults R50 / Pensioners R35
Children R10
Contact detail:      or
(027) 482 2024

It is said that the greatest variety of wild flowers in a single district in the world appear in the area around Clanwilliam; their annual Wild Flower Show lasts for 10 days.

Clanwilliam is approximately 170 – 200kms from Paternoster depending which route you take.


*Make sure you set out on your drive with a full tank of fuel & enough drinking water.

*Many outlying areas do not have mobile phone reception.

*Wear long pants/trousers and comfortable walking shoes for walking in the fields.

*Insect repellent is essential

*It is advisable to book your accommodation in advance.

For more info contact WEST COAST FLOWER HOTLINE 072 938 8186

For the latest West Coast Flower update (11 August) click this link


Veldkool Marie Viljoen


Or if you prefer Trachyandra ciliata is a common, seasonal herb/vegetable that is best known for its edible flower buds.

Locals and food foragers eagerly await the sight of these buds to make traditional stews or soups for a very limited season. The flowering stalks should be harvested before the flowers open or they are too bitter. Veldkool can be steamed or boiled in much the same way as asparagus.


*Taken from the Paternoster Heritage-tyd booklet produced by Paternoster People’s Party and available to purchase at Oep ve Koep opposite Stay in Paternoster office.

For each portion: Blanche 2 small bunches of veldkool tips for 1 minute in salted water. Drain and chop finely. Saute garlic leaves (wild if you can find them) and a 1/4 onion finely chopped, 2 small baby potatoes, chopped or a small sweet potato, chopped, in 20g of butter until golden brown. Add half the veldkool tips and a few stalks of sorrel, 5ml each of chopped wild sage and wild rosemary, plus a pinch of salt. Add 250ml stock and cook gently until very soft and pulpy. Saute the rest of the veldkool tips in butter and scatter over the soup before serving. You can serve it topped with chopped bokkom/ biltong or feta cheese.

Variation: Stir 50ml plain yoghurt in before serving. The Khoikhoi were herder-gatherers and kept sheep, goats and later cattle so milk products were often used.

Veldkool Soup Recipe


I have an wonderful gift for you!

Map Studio are publishing a stunning Visitors Guide to the Flower Region and I have another copy to give away this Flower Friday.

To qualify please send an email to and tell me which town’s flower show was featured on last weeks blog post Subject line should be I ♥ Flower Friday…Make sure to include your Postal address so I can arrange to send you the book if you win!

Flower Route


The great news is that this Saturday look like it’s going to be a Fantastic day for Flowers!

Please do check for updates on

FRIDAY 19TH August               11:00 to 16:00             Cloudy 16⁰c

SAT 20th August                        11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 15⁰c

SUN 21st August                       11:00 to 16:00             Rain 14⁰c

MON 22nd August                    11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 14⁰c

TUES 23rd August                     11:00 to 16:00             Partly Cloudy 14⁰c

WEDS 24th August                   11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 16⁰c

THURS 25th August                  11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 19⁰c


Download and print this useful map courtesy of Cape West Coast Tourism website.


Blousporie picture (also used in the header) courtesy Namakwa Toere

If you require Accommodation on your Flower Safari please contact us at
Tel : 022 752 2048 (Office Hours)
OR book online at

“Be like the flower, turn your face to the sun.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Blog post compiled and written by Fran Hepburn for Stay in Paternoster

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