It’s Flower Friday!

For the month of August every Friday I am going to share some tips, introduce you to some natural beauties and give you the latest weather for flower viewing.

All over the West Coast from Langebaan all the way up the N7 the West Coast Wild Flowers are in bloom.


*The best viewing time is from 10:30 to 16:00

*Temp must be at least 18⁰C

*Sunny days

*Flowers face the sun so best to see the display with sun behind you, travel North first then South for the best view.

For more info contact WEST COAST FLOWER HOTLINE 072 938 8186

Get the Lastest Flower Updated 4 August here


Dimorphotheca pluvialis

The “reenblommetjie”/white rain daisy (Dimorphotheca pluvialis) *pictured below, is always one of the first spring annuals to flower on the West Coast. They are currently all over the Pilgrimsrust plots just before Paternoster, Bekbaai area of Paternoster and in the Tietiesbaai Nature Reserve that borders Paternoster. These annuals are adapted to germinate, grow, flower and set seed during the rainy winter and to survive the long dry summer as seed. The flowering season is from July to October, depending on the rain.

Locally we also called them West Coast Snow…so come and walk in the snow right here in Paternoster!



The weather changes all the time, especially along the coast, so please check for an update on

FRIDAY 5TH August                  11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 14⁰c

SAT 6th August                        11:00 to 16:00             Partly Cloudy 16⁰c

SUN 7th August                        11:00 to 16:00             Partly Cloudy 15⁰c

MON 8th August                       11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 15⁰c

TUES 9th August                      11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 16⁰c

WEDS 10th August                   11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 16⁰c

THURS 11th August                  11:00 to 16:00             Sunny 13⁰c


Download and print this useful map courtesy of Cape West Coast Tourism website.

If you require Accommodation on your Flower Safari please contact us at Email:
Tel : 022 752 2048 (Office Hours)
OR book online at

“Life, now, was unfolding before me, constantly and visibly, like the flowers of summer that drop fanlike petals on eternal soil.” ~ Roman Payne

Blog post compiled and written by Fran Hepburn for Stay in Paternoster.

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